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1. Clearwater gives a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on ALL products.

2. Clearwater gives a 12 month MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on ALL products.

3. Clearwater give AFTER-SALES back-up.

4. Clearwater is a ONE STOP company for ALL your water treatment needs.

5. Clearwater has been in operation since 1972, is steadfast, established and trustworthy.

6. Clearwater TESTS an ANALISES all water samples before installing any product.

7. Clearwater-on-call gives 24/7 stand-by support and PIECE OF MIND to all its clients.

8. Clearwater is INTERNATIONAL but consults its clients INDIVIDUALLY and PERSONALLY.

9. Clearwater manufactures CUSTOM MADE products to suit every clients specific needs.

10. Clearwater has only satisfied clients and can solve ALL water problems.


1. LIME REMOVAL – Clearwater softeners REMOVE lime. It is scientifically proven that non-chemical water conditioners CANNOT remove lime.

2. HARDNESS REMOVAL – Clearwater softeners remove ALL hardness. Calcium and Magnesium molecules are being removed through the ion exchange process. It is scientifically proven that non-chemical water conditioners CANNOT remove HARDNESS.

3. FILTERING – Clearwater softeners serve as filter media and removes sediment and particles which a non-chemical water conditioner cannot do.

4. SAVINGS – Clearwater softeners promote savings on ALL washing detergents. Non chemical water conditioners DO NOT.

5. SKIN AND HAIR PROTECTION – Clearwater softeners promote healthy skin and hair, which is not the case with non-chemical water conditioners.

6. LINEN AND CLOTHING – Clearwater softeners prolongs the life span of linen and clothing which a non-chemical conditioner cannot do.

7. AFTER-SALES SERVICE – Clearwater softeners are uniquely manufactured according to each customer’s specific need, enjoy a 10 year warranty with built-in service plan, after-sales package as part and parcel of every sale, are being monitored regularly for best results at all times, while non-chemical water conditioners are being sold on a hit and run basis with NO after-sales package whatsoever.

8. INSTALLATION - Clearwater softeners are being installed by professionally trained technicians while non-chemical water conditioners are never installed by their sales personnel and the buyer has to install it on his own costs.

9. PROFFESIONALITY – Water are first tested and analysed by Clearwater consultants before installation, which is not the case with non-chemical water conditioners.

10. HONOURABILITY - The whole non-chemical water treatment concept has been modelled and traced in an illegal and unethical way off the CARE FREE product in Australia and a cheap imitation. It is also marketed as a WATER SOFTENER which is not what it is at all. CLEARWATER softeners are being marketed legally and ethically worldwide in more than 50 countries with a 50 year-old service record.

11. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Clearwater softeners enjoy a 10 year warranty AND 12 month money-back guarantee while non-chemical water softeners cannot offer a similar warrantee.


The CARE FREE WATER CONDITIONER from Australia is a successful non-chemical water conditioner for irrigation purposes . It neutralizes lime and salts and enhances crop quality. House hold non-chemical water conditioners in general are unsuccessful because of its dependence on a constant flow of water. Water laying still in boilers, tanks, reservoirs, solar geysers and pipes where house holds and dairies are involved and lime and salts cannot keep their molecular change require chemical water treatment for permanent removal or neutralization.

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